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God has blessed me with the gift of determination. When I want something I go after it and I get it. I sometimes get swayed away because I am young and I am still maturing but i do get back on track so with or without the help of others I will prevail. I am a natural born go getter,No one will stop my grind. #determined #ambitious #gogetter

i got that good kush and alcohol, I got some down bitches I can call. I don’t know what I would do without y’all ima ball to the day I fall. Long as bitches love me, I don’t give a fuck about no haters!!! @__piink @___babee @_cocoabunny @brittney_nicole26 @cierraarnette @bubbles_cash

What started as a simple movie night turned into so much more and i am grateful. There has been ups and there has been downs. Blows coming from every direction but no matter what we stuck it through. wen it was the easiest to leave you stayed and fought with me. love is a battlefield and i wouldnt want any better opponent then you. seven months string and growing stringer everyday i love you @beastmode_ty and happy anniversary #picstitch

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